Research and Trials:

With a good team of scientist and our own farms.Our Research and Trials team delivering the most successful varieties . Our scientist have complete knowledge of the requirement of Indian farmers and they are always trying hard to satisfy.

We are regularly arranging multi location field trial of many field crops.For us as well as for may other companies also , so that we could analyse the performance of different varieties .

In addition to providing the finest seeds that the market has to offer, Shree Seeds works with clients to develop products that meet their specific needs. Networking with partners around the globe allows us to develop a product that meets your needs beyond compare.

Screening Trials

The first step are the Shree Seeds Screening Trials. This is where thousands of new varieties are planted, evaluated, and advanced or rejected. Numerous characteristics are evaluated, including disease tolerance, plant habit, fruit setting, along with numerous other phenotypic qualities.

Advanced Screening Trials

The second step of trialling are the Advanced Screening Trials. During this phase, the promising experimental varieties are sent to 3-6 advanced screening locations around the world. These trials provide much greater insight into the performance and adaptability of new genetics. This allows for results to be compiled from numerous growing regions and climates.


Toor Seeds

Soyabean Seeds